Should You Outsource Your Company's Human Resources?

Many company owners opt to outsource certain business functions to save both time and money; however, some fail to consider how beneficial it would be to hire a third-party HR department. Outsourcing HR functions can be cost-effective while also offering substantial business advantages that can have a dramatic effect on your company's bottom line. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you should consider outsourcing your HR services. Save a Considerable Amount of Money

Five Incorrect Assumptions To Avoid Regarding Independent Broker-Dealers

Unfortunately, there are a lot of commonly held beliefs regarding independent broker-dealers that are inaccurate and discourage firms from taking advantage of their services. The following are five incorrect assumptions you should avoid having regarding independent broker-dealers so that you take full advantage of the value propositions broker-dealers offer.  Compliance with regulations is easier without working with an independent broker-dealer. One of the most important things investors need to do to keep their business healthy and out of trouble is complying with regulations.

My Credit Is Terrible—What Can I Do?

Is your low credit score keeping you from accomplishing a goal? Maybe you want to buy a house or a car but you can't get the loan you need. If things feel like they've hit rock bottom, it's time to get serious about repairing your credit. Here's how you can start moving forward (and upward) when it comes to your credit score. Pull Your Full Report You can't start fixing your credit problems until you see them all laid out in front of you.

Work As An Independent Contractor And For An Employer? Retirement Planning Tips For You

When you work as an independent contractor as well as have a job with an employer, you have a full plate when it comes to your work life. Your plate might be so full, in fact, that you do not have much time to think about things like your retirement savings and planning. However, when you are in such a work position, it is vitally important that you take a good, hard look at what you want and need from your retirement savings and develop a retirement plan that works for you.

Self-Employed? What You Should Know About Planning For Retirement

If you have recently decided to become self-employed, there are many things on your plate that you have to deal with. One that you may not have thought of yet is planning for your retirement. Now that you are no longer working for an employer, you do not have a company retirement fund to contribute to, and you are essentially on your own when it comes to retirement investing. You do not want to ignore or put off planning for your retirement investments because time is money, and in this case would be money lost.