3 Important Insights To Consider When Pursuing A 1031 DST Exchange

If you're looking for a good investment opportunity, you might consider a DST 1031 properties exchange. This is where you sell a property and find an exchange, with the sale of the initial property not having capital gains. If you're thinking about this investment opportunity, remember these tips.  Set Up 1031 Before Closing Before you officially close on another property, it's important that you already have this 1031 exchange set up.

The SECURE Act Changed Inherited IRA Rules — How To Be Ready

An inherited IRA is a valuable part of many retirement plans. Such an inheritance can jump-start your own retirement accounts or supercharge them during the later parts of your working life. But with new rules related to inherited IRAs being passed, how should your plans adjust to maintain the best results? Here are a few key things to do. 1. Draw from the Inherited IRA First. The SECURE Act requires that inherited IRAs be completely drained within 10 years of acquiring them.